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General Assembly 2021 - programme

In the section Events > General Assembly you can find the programme of the General Assembly week from Tuesday 28th September until Saturday 2nd October 2021.

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General Assembly 2021 - hotel booking form

The General Assembly 2021 will be held on Thursday 30th September and Friday 1st October 2021. The venue is: Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, Riga, Latvia. Room reservations can be made until the 1st September 2021 by using the hotel booking form which is available for downloading in the section Events > General Assembly.

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Registrars Seminar in Riga (LV) - 02.10.2021

The Breeding & Registration Commission will conduct a seminar for new Registrars and new members of National Breeding Commissions in Riga, Latvia, on Saturday 2nd October 2021. Please send your application to attend to the General Secretary.

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Minutes of Board meeting 01.02.2021

The minutes of the Board meeting held on 1st February 2021 can be found in the section Events > Board meetings.

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COVID-19 decisions (last update: 21.04.2021)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Board decided on several special measures and exceptions to the rules:
● Winner Shows may take place in any month in 2021
● The 2021 General Assembly is postponed until Thursday 30th of September and Friday 1st of October 2021
● Members may submit a maximum of 5 instead of 3 proposals to the 2021 General Assembly
● All Members or their show organising clubs could hold international shows with only domestic judges officiating, no foreign judges needed until 31.12.2021
● For all European FIFe Member countries, the number of certificates needed to obtain the titles IC/IP, GIC/GIP resp. SC/SP is set to 5, 7 resp. 10. These certificates can be obtained in 1 country (for IC/IP) resp. 1 or 2 countries (for GIC/GIP and SC/SP). In each class, at least 1 certificate must be obtained at shows organised after 01.07.2020. This exception is valid until 31.12.2021 (→ Annex 2A and 3A)
● Show Rules Annex 4, for our Members in Asia and Latin America, already provides the possibility of obtaining all certificates in one country and remains unchanged. However, the expiration date for this exception was 31.12.2020, this date is extended with one year, until 31.12.2021 (→ Annex 4)
● For cats born on 16.05.2019 or thereafter, the number of Best in Show titles in classes 11 and/or 12 to qualify for the title Junior Winner is reduced from 5 to 3, since they did not have the full 6 months’ period to qualify for this title. This exception is valid until 31.12.2021 (→ Annex 5A)
● The incumbent Vice Treasurer, Vice Secretary and the three members of the Health & Welfare Commission to continue their positions for one year. At the General Assembly 2021, these two board and three commission positions would be up for election for two years
● For all Winner Shows to be organised prior to 31.12.2021, no qualifications are needed for cats to participate
● Our Italian Member ANFI to organise the World Show in 2021 instead of in 2020 after agreement of future World Show organisers to move ahead on the list
● The Compulsory Student Judge Seminar on 27-28.06.2020 to be organised in a virtual meeting
● The expiration date set for Breed Group exams will be extended until 31.12.2023
● The validity for theoretical judges exams will be extended with 2 years
● All judges will retain the seminar accreditation they had on 01.01.2020 and the 2017 General Assembly seminar accreditation will be valid until the 2022 General Assembly; all other seminar accreditations will be extended accordingly
● There will be no need to send the Judges Engagement form in 2020 and 2021; all judges will retain the activity status they had on 01.01.2020 and no judge will move to the dormant judges list; of course, judges who were not active in 2019 but will be active in 2020 or 2021 will be listed as active the next year
● No General Assembly will be held in 2020.

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New judges (last update: 10.07.2021)


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  • Mrs. Liz Parry (CH) passed the judges exam in category 4 at the show in Bojkovice (CZ) on the 10th July 2021 and is now a probational judge in that category.
  • Mrs. Susanna Piispanen (FI) passed the judges exam in category 4 at the show in Lohja (FI) on the 19th June 2021 and is now a probational judge in that category.
  • Mrs. Barbara Bazzotti (IT) passed the required stage at the show in Venturina (IT) on the 6th June 2021 and is as of that date appointed an International Judge for category 2.
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