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Resignation of a FIFe Member – NFFe, Bulgaria

The Board of FIFe was informed by the Bulgarian FIFe Member, the National Federation of Felinology (NFFe), that they decided at their recent General Meeting to terminate all of their activities and to resign as a Member of FIFe as of the 1st of January 2022. The FIFe Board regrets losing one of its national Members but respects the decision of NFFe. In the meantime, a new feline organization has been founded, which will forward a request for probational membership to the 2022 FIFe General Assembly.
The Board advises the individual members who belonged to NFFe to join other FIFe national Members.

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Judges resignations

The Board was informed that the following judges tendered their resignation:
Mr. Dieter Filler (FR), International Judge since 1983
Mrs. Tatjana Malgaj (SI), International Judge since 1995.
We thank them for their long term service to FIFe and wish them all the best for the future.

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Breed Standards & General Part - version 2022

You can find the 2022 versions of the Standard of all FIFe recognised breeds and the General Part in the Breeds section. You can also download the changed pages separately here.

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Rules, Forms & EMS list - version 2022

In the section Rules & Forms you can find the 2022 versions of all FIFe rules, forms & EMS list. With regard to the forms we kindly ask our Members, judges and student judges to only use the 2022 versions of the various forms and not to use any outdated versions. This is particularly very important for the Steward Certificate, updated in line with the changes in the Judges Rules § You can also download the changed pages in the EMS list separately here.

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Summary of changes in the Rules & Standards per 01.01.2022

A summary of the changes in our Rules and Standards per 1st of January 2022 can be found in a document which is available for downloading here.

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Breeding statistics 2019 - 2020

For the first time, FIFe publishes its annual registrations per breed worldwide. The 2019 and 2020 statistics can be found by clicking on the relevant year.

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World Show 2022

The 2022 edition of the World Show will be organised by our Belgian Member Felis Belgica in Mechelen, Belgium, on the 29th and 30th October. Click here for the dedicated website showing all information available about this show.

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Obituary - Mr. Hristo Simeonov

The FIFe Board was informed of the very untimely death of the International category 1, 2 and 3 Judge, Mr. Hristo ("Cris") Simeonov (BG). Cris was only 51 years old and died because of inoperable complications after surgery. He joined the cat fancy in Bulgaria over twenty years ago and bred Norwegian Forest Cats under the cattery name BG*Norsk Bijou.
In 2015 Cris was appointed as International FIFe Judge in category II, followed in 2016 with category I and in 2019 with category 3.
Cris was instrumental in the FIFe membership application of the National Federation of Felinology (NFFe), and was its secretary since its inception. He represented NFFe at 16 General Assemblies.
The Board of FIFe extends its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Cris and to NFFe.

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COVID-19 exceptions 2022 (last update: 15.11.2021)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Board decided on continuation of the following exceptions with regard to the Show Rules, valid for the year 2022:
● Winner Shows may take place in any month in 2022
● For all Winner Shows, the World Show included, organised prior to 31.12.2022, no qualifications are needed for cats to participate
● All Members or their show organising clubs could hold international shows with only domestic judges officiating, no foreign judges needed until 31.12.2022
● For all European FIFe Member countries, the number of certificates needed to obtain the titles IC/IP, GIC/GIP resp. SC/SP is set to 5, 7 resp. 10. These certificates can be obtained in 1 country (for IC/IP) resp. 1 or 2 countries (for GIC/GIP and SC/SP). In each class, at least 1 certificate must be obtained at shows organised after 01.07.2020. This exception is valid until 31.12.2022 (→ Annex 2A and 3A)
● The number of Best in Show titles in classes 11 and/or 12 to qualify for the title Junior Winner is reduced from 5 to 3. This exception is valid until 31.12.2022 (→ Annex 5A).

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Theoretical examination sessions

The FIFe Board decided to schedule the following theoretical examination sessions in the first half year of 2022:
● Friday 14th January: Vienna, Austria CANCELLED
● Friday 27th May: Plzeň, Czech Republic.
All sessions to start early afternoon, so candidates and examiners could arrive at the same day. Applications to sit for the exam must be sent by the candidate’s FIFe Member in accordance with Judges Rules § 2.3.5.

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New judges (last update: 10.11.2021)


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  • Mr. Mario Ottino (IT) is reinstated as an International Judge for categories 1 and 2.
  • Mrs. Liz Parry (CH) passed the last of the required stages at the show in Le Perray en Yvelines (FR) on the 7th November 2021 and is as of that date appointed an International Judge for category 4.
  • Mrs. Annukka Rintakumpu (FI) passed the judges exam in category 1 at the show in Kuopio (FI) on the 25th September 2021 and is now a probational judge in that category.
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