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General Assembly 2023 - change of venue

Due to the unexpected renovation closure of the Monte Gordo hotel, the venue of the 2023 General Assembly had to be changed. At the moment, arrangements with an alternative hotel are finalised. We expect to provide more details about the new venue, also located in the Algarve in Portugal, within the next days.

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World Show 2023

The 2023 edition of the World Show will be organised by our French Member Féderation Féline Française in Strasbourg, France, on the 28th and 29th October. Click here for the dedicated website showing all information available about this show.

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Minutes of Board meeting 21.01.2023

The minutes of the Board meeting held on 21st January 2023 can be found in the section Events > Board meetings.

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Judges Seminar in Monte Gordo (PT) - 27.05.2023

The Judges Seminar in connection with the General Assembly will be organised in Monte Gordo, Portugal, on Saturday 27th May 2023. The programme can be found in the section Events > General Assembly. Judges and student judges wishing to attend the seminar are kindly requested to send their applications at the latest on the 13th May 2023 to the General Secretary.

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Breeding & Registration Statistics 2022

The form to be used for our Members to report their 2022 breeding & registration statistics can be found and downloaded in the section Rules & Forms, under the header "Forms".

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Judges’ resignations

The Board was informed that the following judges tendered their resignation as from 01.01.2023:
Mrs. Karina Bjuran (NO), International Judge since 1977
Mrs. Anne-Gro Edstrøm (NO), International Judge since 1979
Mr. Jörgen Frithiof (SE), International Judge since 1997
Mrs. Marie Perčynská Řihová (CZ), International Judge since 1983.
We thank them for their very long term service to FIFe and wish them all the best for the future.

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Summary of changes in the Rules & Standards per 01.01.2023

A summary of the changes in our Rules and Standards per 1st of January 2023 can be found in a document which is available for downloading here.

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Decisions of the 2022 General Assembly

With regard to the situation in Ukraine, the 2022 General Assembly decided on the following restrictions as of 27.05.2022:
• FIFe Members outside Russia may not import any cat bred in Russia in their pedigree books, regardless of, which organization issued its pedigree
• Exhibitors living in Russia may not enter their cats at any FIFe show outside Russia, regardless of, which organization these exhibitors hold their membership in
• It is prohibited to organize FIFe shows in Russia.
These restrictions are valid until 31.05.2023 and will be reviewed as and when necessary.

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New judges (last update: 04.03.2023)


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  • Mrs. Pia Nyman (FI) passed the judges exam in breed group A at the show in Dragør (DK) on the 4th March 2023 and is as from that date appointed an International Judge for category 1 and a FIFe All Breed Judge.
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