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Resignation of a FIFe Member – Felis Russica, Russia

The FIFe Board was informed by its Russian Member, Felis Russica (FRU), that they decided to terminate their FIFe Membership per 01.08.2022 because they are unable to accept the punishment of thousands of people who were not at fault.
The Board is sad that FRU feels forced to leave FIFe and regrets losing a FIFe national Member but, of course, respects the decision of FRU. FRU has been removed from the FIFe Members lists. The Board wishes FRU the best of luck with their future endeavours.

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Judges Seminar in Bucharest (RO) - 16.09.2022

The next Judges Seminar will be organised in Bucharest, Romania, on Friday 16th September 2022. The Board wishes to express its gratitude to the Romanian FIFe Member FAF-FR for organising this seminar. The programme, the venue and further details of the seminar can be found in the section Events > Seminars > Judges.

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Minutes of Board meeting 23.05.2022

The minutes of the Board meeting held on 23rd May 2022 can be found in the section Events > Board meetings.

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New Honorary FIFe Judge: Mrs. Waltraut Sattler (DE)

With reference to article 5.2 of the FIFe General Rules, the Board of FIFe decided to appoint Mrs. Waltraut Sattler (DE) as an Honorary FIFe Judge.
Mrs. Sattler joined the German FIFe Member 1. DEKZV in 1971. Since then, she has bred (until this very day!) Siamese and Orientals under the suffix von Eisenstein. She also bred Persians, Abyssinians and Ocicats.
Waltraut has always been a highly active member in 1. DEKZV: she was its president from 1986-2005 and a member of various commissions. She became a FIFe Judge after passing her examination in 1977 (in the former categories I and II) and added category IV in 1979. She was a member of the FIFe Show Commission from 1989-2004 and from 2010-2022, acting as its chairman or secretary for many years. The Board is happy to bestow this honorary title on Mrs. Sattler and feels she deserves this honour in light of all her contributions to FIFe during more than 45 years.

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Breeding statistics 2021

The statistics of the worldwide annual registrations per breed in FIFe for the year 2021 can be found here.

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New patronage Member in Bulgaria

The 2022 General Assembly accepted the Federation of Felinology Bulgaria (FFBg) as a patronage Member. Their mentor will be our Romanian Member Federatia Asociatiilor Feline "Felis Romania" (FAF-FR). You can find the details of our patronage Member in the section Organisation > Members > Present.

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Decisions of the 2022 General Assembly

With regard to the situation in Ukraine, the 2022 General Assembly decided on the following restrictions as of 27.05.2022:
• FIFe Members outside Russia may not import any cat bred in Russia in their pedigree books, regardless of, which organization issued its pedigree
• Exhibitors living in Russia may not enter their cats at any FIFe show outside Russia, regardless of, which organization these exhibitors hold their membership in
• It is prohibited to organize FIFe shows in Russia.
These restrictions are valid until 31.05.2023 and will be reviewed as and when necessary.

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General Assembly 2022 - agenda & proposals

The agenda of the 2022 General Assembly, including all proposals, is available for downloading in all FIFe languages in the section Events > General Assembly. In this section you can also find the programme of the General Assembly week from Tuesday 24th May until Saturday 28th May 2022.

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World Show 2022

The 2022 edition of the World Show will be organised by our Belgian Member Felis Belgica in Mechelen, Belgium, on the 29th and 30th October. Click here for the dedicated website showing all information available about this show.

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COVID-19 exceptions 2022 (last update: 15.11.2021)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Board decided on continuation of the following exceptions with regard to the Show Rules, valid for the year 2022:
● Winner Shows may take place in any month in 2022
● For all Winner Shows, the World Show included, organised prior to 31.12.2022, no qualifications are needed for cats to participate
● All Members or their show organising clubs could hold international shows with only domestic judges officiating, no foreign judges needed until 31.12.2022
● For all European FIFe Member countries, the number of certificates needed to obtain the titles IC/IP, GIC/GIP resp. SC/SP is set to 5, 7 resp. 10. These certificates can be obtained in 1 country (for IC/IP) resp. 1 or 2 countries (for GIC/GIP and SC/SP). In each class, at least 1 certificate must be obtained at shows organised after 01.07.2020. This exception is valid until 31.12.2022 (→ Annex 2A and 3A)
● The number of Best in Show titles in classes 11 and/or 12 to qualify for the title Junior Winner is reduced from 5 to 3. This exception is valid until 31.12.2022 (→ Annex 5A).

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New judges (last update: 14.05.2022)


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  • Mrs. Dominika Halická (SK) passed the judges exam in category 4 at the show in Prague (CZ) on the 14th May 2022 and is as from that date appointed an International Judge for category 4.
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