Breed Councils

Breed Councils provide a voice for individuals with an interest in a breed, and some experience of working with it, within the FIFe structure. Breed Councils are represented at the General Assembly by the Breed Council Administrator who will present the opinions provided by the individual breed councils on the relevant proposals.

Every breed acknowledged by FIFe may have a Breed Council. All that is needed is one person to initiate the process and someone willing to act as the Secretary so that a chain of communication can be created between the General Assembly, the Board, the Commissions and the individual. Once the Breed Council is set up, it should actively seek new members from within its breed group across the organisation so that it will achieve the ultimate goal of being able to forward proposals to the General Assembly in accordance with the Rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breed Council Breed name(s) Breed Council Secretary Country
ACL/ACS American Curl Mrs. Satu Hämäläinen FI
BEN Bengal Mrs. Stéphanie Serraï PL
BML Burmilla Mrs. Annika Lissjos SE
BRI British Shorthair Mrs. Nathalie Smits-Peelen NL
BUR Burmese Mrs. Angela Ouwehand NL
CHA Chartreux Mrs. Katia Pocci IT
CRX Cornish Rex Mrs. Anna Wilczek SK
EUR European Mrs. Ingeborg Ekstrand SE
EXO Exotic Mrs. Zuzana Maršíčková CZ
KOR Korat Mrs. Camilla Baird DK
MAN/CYM Manx/Cymric Mrs. Ingeborg Ekstrand SE
MAU Egyptian Mau Mrs. Rebekka Løkke NO
MCO Maine Coon Mrs. Monique van Stuijvenberg NL
NFO Norwegian Forest Cat Mrs. Anna Lewandowska PL
PER Persian Mrs. Zuzana Maršíčková CZ
RUS Russian Blue Mrs. Maria Malevitch DK
SBI Sacred Birman Mrs. Lena Nordström SE
SIA/BAL/OSH/OLH Siamese/Balinese/Oriental Mrs. Jacqueline van Rij NL
SIB Siberian Mr. Alexander Kolesnikov RU
SIN Singapura Mrs. Mirela Petcu RO
SOM Somali Mrs. Jaana Heikanen FI
SPH Sphynx Mr. Juan José Martinez Vizcaino ES
SRL non/SRS non Selkirk Rex Mrs. Lena Marthinsen NO
TUV Turkish Van Mrs. Pernille Kristensen DK

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What are the requirements for membership of a Breed Council?

The requirements to become a Breed Council member, as laid down in the Breed Council Rules, are:

  1. A member must have a FIFe registered cattery name.
  2. A member must be at least 18 years old and must be a member in good standing, for at least 5 calendar years, of a National FIFe Member.
  3. A member must have bred and registered with a National FIFe Member at least 3 litters of the appropriate breed within the previous 5 calendar years.
  4. A member must:
    - either have bred at least one Grand International Champion or Grand International Premier of the appropriate breed
    - or have exhibited a cat of the appropriate breed owned by himself at FIFe shows at least 3 times per year within the previous 3 calendar years.

A National FIFe Member may grant exceptions regarding the requirements 3 or 4 for membership of a Breed Council on a motivated application from the breeder.

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How and to whom do I apply to join a Breed Council?

To apply for membership in a Breed Council, the official Breed Council Application form must be used. This form can be found in the three FIFe languages in the section Rules & Forms.
The form should be sent to your own National FIFe Member, and not to the Breed Council Secretary, the Breed Council Administrator or the General Secretary.
The FIFe Member will then send the approved form to the Breed Council Administrator who will send the details of the new Breed Council member to the Breed Council Secretary.
Breed Council members are required to pay an annual fee to their National FIFe Member. The determined fee is listed in Annex 1 of the General Rules, which document is available in the section Rules & Forms.

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Why do I have to re-apply annually for my membership of a Breed Council?

Membership of a Breed Council runs from 1st January to 31st December. Each year you must re-apply for membership via your National Member, in order for them to check whether the requirements of membership are still met. The National Member will decide whether the applicant shall complete a new form or whether it is happy to use forms sent previously but updated with current information. In any event, the National Member will submit the relevant form with all re-applications to the Breed Council Administrator in order to maintain complete and current records at that level.

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When will a Breed Council be eligible to forward proposals to the General Assembly?

To be eligible to forward proposals to the FIFe General Assembly, the Breed Council must consist of members from at least 8 different national FIFe Members (see the Breed Council Rules, chapter 8).

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Where do I find the Breed Council Rules?

The Breed Council Rules are available for downloading in all three FIFe languages in the section Rules & Forms.

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Where should I send any further questions I may have on joining a Breed Council?

If you need more information, or have a question about joining a Breed Council, please contact the relevant Breed Council Secretary or the Breed Council Administrator.

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