Judges Seminar

With reference to the FIFe Judges Rules, article 2.2.1.a, FIFe will organise a seminar for judges in conjunction with the annual General Assembly.
The seminar will be organised on the Saturday after the General Assembly. FIFe will pay the costs connected with the organisation of the seminar.
A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the seminar to each judge who has remained in attendance for the whole seminar. If a judge or a student judge proposes to attend the seminar he must inform the FIFe General Secretary at least four weeks before the date of the seminar in order that a certificate can be prepared.
According to the FIFe Judges Rules article 2.2.2.a, also FIFe members are permitted to organise a judges seminar once per year.
Travel, meals and accommodation costs for all seminars are always at the judge’s or student judge’s own expense.


Date Country City Organiser Info
Saturday 24.06.2023 Italy Segrate (Milano) ANFI click
Saturday 27.05.2023 Portugal Tavira FIFe click
Saturday 28.05.2022 Czech Republic Plzeň FIFe click
Saturday 02.10.2021 Latvia Riga FIFe click
Saturday 01.06.2019 Slovakia Bratislava FIFe click
Friday 15.06.2018 Argentina Buenos Aires AFA click
Saturday 26.05.2018 Portugal Monte Gordo FIFe click
Friday 06.04.2018 Italy Milano ANFI click
Friday 04.08.2017 Argentina Buenos Aires AFA click
Saturday 27.05.2017 Slovakia Bratislava FIFe click
Saturday 28.05.2016 Portugal Lisbon FIFe click
Saturday 30.05.2015 Portugal Monte Gordo FIFe click
Friday 08.05.2015 Argentina Buenos Aires AFA click
Friday 20.03.2015 Denmark Horsens Felis Danica click
Friday 17.10.2014 Italy Pisa ANFI click
Saturday 31.05.2014 Latvia Riga FIFe click
Saturday 01.06.2013 Spain Madrid FIFe click
Saturday 30.03.2013 The Netherlands Apeldoorn Mundikat click
Saturday 26.05.2012 Portugal Albufeira FIFe click
Friday 04.05.2012 Czech Republic Brno ČSCH-SCHK click
Friday 27.04.2012 Argentina Buenos Aires AFA click
Friday 09.12.2011 Norway Dal (near Oslo) NRR click
Friday 14.10.2011 Slovenia Celje ZFDS click
Saturday 28.05.2011 Romania Bucharest FIFe click
Saturday 29.05.2010 Portugal Albufeira FIFe click
Saturday 30.05.2009 Sweden Malmö FIFe click
Friday 25.07.2008 Argentina Buenos Aires AFA click
Saturday 31.05.2008 Slovakia Starý Smokovec FIFe click


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