Registrars seminar

The Breeding & Registration Commission will conduct on a regular basis a seminar in the various FIFe Member countries for Registrars and members of National Breeding Commissions.
The aim of the Registrars seminar will be to provide information and training for those persons responsible for registrations and breeding programmes in their own organisations at all levels, and also for anyone interested in these processes. There will be the opportunity for participants to address particular issues with which they have difficulty in understanding or practising, and also to bring forward ideas for the future.


Date Country City Organiser Info
Saturday 28.05.2016 Portugal Lisbon FIFe click
Saturday 30.05.2015 Portugal Monte Gordo FIFe click
Saturday 31.05.2014 Latvia Riga FIFe click
Saturday 01.06.2013 Spain Madrid FIFe click
Saturday 03.03.2012 Czech Republic Prague FIFe click
Sunday 06.03.2011 Denmark Brædstrup FIFe click


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